Route Info

The route follows existing trails inside the Hanging Rock State Park. It will start and finish in the upper  (lake) parking lot at the park.  The route proceeds up to Moore's Knob (up the 600+ steps) first, then over to Cooks Wall.  The route then continues down the spine of the mountain past House and Wolf  Rocks and finishes up the Hanging Rock trail with a fine panoramic view at the top.  The trail surface is a mixture of rocks, roots, forest floor and paved or stone surfaces.  There are a couple of locations where it is possible to get your feet wet. Sturdy shoes that are water resistant are recommended.  It is a strenuous hike, so please train and plan accordingly.  We will have two rest stops on the route, but runners/hikers should take food and fluid with them on the trek.  Support will be provided from 8AM to 3 PM.  Hikers who do not reach certain points on the route will be asked to proceed without support or head back to the start via a shorter route.  Details later. Click Here for a Garmin file of the route.    Click Here for a Strava activity file to view of the route.  If you have any questions about the route, please e-mail Harry Wilson at